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Every resume is strategically crafted by Certified professionals with specialties in your industry. Your resume is drafted, serviced, and guaranteed by a resume writer & quality assurance expert for your approval.

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Your first consultation is free. Traditionally, this is your first booked call with an intake specialist. We deliver value and share immediate action items to improve your job hunting experience as we discuss your career journey, goals, and strategy. Bonus: When you hire us online, you get an extra deep dive consultation on us. (30-60 Minutes) $50 Value

1 Month of resume edits as needed

After your approval of services, if you need any additional revisions for any reason, it's included. Bonus: Subscribe to the YouTube channel to get 1-Year free access to The Interview Accelerator on-demand program. Proven to improve your interview experience from Application-to-Hire.

Future Services are 40% off

Congratulations from the near future! You reached the next step in your career! Preparing for the promotion? We already have a winning partnership together, let us join you on your next level of success. (Cover Letters, Resumes, Interview Coaching)

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Our clients say

The work done at Patterson Resume Resources is so thorough! I can literally list my skills and job experience, but my resumes always seem bland. With PRR they took those same skills and job experiences and made GOLD.. Very friendly and patient as well!
Vintrel W.
Patterson Resume Resources did an exceptional job enhancing my resume. I’ve had numerous job interview opportunities since then. In addition, I took advantage of the interview prep to better prepare myself. I know that I have great skill sets but preparing for an interview for the right job position can add a little pressure. Patterson Resume Resources helped guide me through the process. It felt tailor-made for job title I applied for.
M. Boykin
Healthcare Administrator
Patterson Resume Resources is an amazing place to build your resume. You are guaranteed to land the job you are searching for after having your resume built here.
S. Cabarrus
Medical Assistant
5 Stars!
J. Akers
Real Estate | Government

Frequently asked questions

If you don’t have an old prior used resume, that is perfectly fine. We will create a new resume for you from the consultation. If you think you don’t have any experience, we’ll see about that in the free consultation.

Resumes take 2 weeks from the consultation. If you need it sooner, let us know. We have 1 week options as well as a 3 day turnaround. Do you need it same-day? Call us at 404-855-1205.

Cover letter turnarounds are 1 week without a resume being serviced. If you are also hiring us to create a resume, you will receive them same day as your brand new resume.

If you can’t pay the full amount, let us know. We have payment options. We still want to serve, so we have a few options to help.

We are hiring. We interview and test Certified Professional Resume Writers with all industry specialties.

  • Understand how SEO works in conjunction with Application Tracking Software systems.
  • Keyword optimization to ensure job seekers pass the ATS systems and land interviews.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Persuasive and creative in writing and editing resumes and cover letters.
  • Talent for developing high caliber resumes and cover letters for entry-level, mid-level, and executive-level clients.
  • Computer with internet access. We don’t write resumes on cell phones.
  • English is necessary. Spanish is a plus. If you have another language, please advise during the interview.
  • Cell phone or landline. The ability to text works best.
  • Ability to perform high-quality phone interviews with clients.
  • Show at least 5 before and after examples of high-quality resumes and/or cover letters you have personally written for other customers/clients.
  • If you do not have experience writing resumes but have experience coaching or recruiting, we can work with you for coaching our Interview Accelerator program.

Apply HERE.

Have a question? Call or Email us at 404-855-1205 or info@PattersonResumeResources.com

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Questions? Email us at info@PattersonResumeResources.com or schedule consultation.